Why Discipleship and Why Africa?

The biggest needs in the African church are DISCIPLESHIP and LEADERSHIP – and the two are intimately connected.
True discipleship produces leadership, and without relational disciple-making, we will fall short in our efforts of producing

African Christianity has been labeled as being “a mile wide and an inch deep.”


The African and global Church is falling short in making true disciples of Jesus. The current practices and methodologies that the Church is using are not effective in making disciples who are holy, love the lost, and make other disciples.

The lack of intentional Jesus-focused disciple-making is resulting in a loss of biblical values, nominalism in the church, false teaching, and immaturity. All of these characteristics highlight the urgent need for something more.

The possibility and opportunity for offering the African and global church a different discipleship model are as urgent as when Christ first commissioned the first disciples. The experience of mobilizing discipleship has revealed that there is a desperate need for leadership that focuses exclusively on disciple-making on both the African and global level. In order to further the goal of accelerating discipleship both continentally and globally, an intentional disciple-making movement and strategy needs to be developed that produces transformational leaders who are capable of discipling others.